Being together is not the goal
But coming together as a soul
For we were made as one
What God has joined will not be undone
But may for a while stumble confused
And think about how it was used
The Masculine and the Feminine
As embodiments of Divine
But humble is as humble does
And our Guide is always Love
To bring us back again to Home
Instead of lost and on our own
Trust the power to let be
Knows more than He, knows more than She
The One Higher Self
Is there even anything else
But the Source from whence we came
And where we go to remain
In all our deep aggrandize
I’m still captivated by your eyes
And the hunger and the lost
And the price and the cost
That we both paid with our bodies pure
In the Eternal disguise manure
The obfuscation here on earth
Is to teach you through the hurt
That Love is the only Truth
How strange I knew it in my youth
But growing older and more weary
I cynicised the seeing clearly
Thinking I was just a girl
Who had too much trust in the world
And for my sins got battered, bruised
But now I see that I was used
To grow the heights I’ve come to be
This is not just you and me
But a collective deep mature
I think, I’m almost pretty sure

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