The Love I Have For You

The love I have for you
Burns magnets into the sky
The love I have for you
Is not afraid to die
And even when the goings tough
The waves they rage, it’s not enough
But something pulls us through
And I have faith in you
In weather inclement or fair
I gotta trust that you are there
Ready to be by my side
Always keeping my love alive
Nathaniel springs to mind
He is the drug I hug in kind
And the seasons spin around
But we all stand on solid ground
Ready to stamp our boots
For a tree to grow it must have roots
And soak up the moisture from the soil
And I wouldn’t be a Coyle
If I didn’t stand up for what’s true
And it just so happens that truth is You

The Suspense Novel

I feel the fear pulse inside
Oh, the terror of being alive
And I try to talk with my anxiety
It seems it’s getting the best of me
As I shiver and shake
Then the earth quake
Bringing monuments to the ground
With a tremulous sound
But the peace knows how to ache
Until I love it for its own sake
And the reason why seems to elude me
It’s like it has to prove me
Wrong or right
But I can’t sleep at night
For thinking of him
And the heart has to win
No matter how it seems to be
Could it mean the world to me
Swimming in oceans in between
And if this is just a dream
Then why does it hurt so much
And maybe I’m out of luck
To be adverse with an advanced decider
I never thought you would hide her
Away from seeing eyes
To be the moment love despise
In a sudden realization
I flip the switch and change the station
To get my mind off of you
But it only makes me want to
Clasp your hand in mine
And I’ve been alone all this time
Coz I can’t bear to think of another fella
I’ve never been the type to call you yella
But why did you not tell me how you feel
Why did you try to cut a deal
And hold it tight with skin and bone
But you look like I could make a home
With you where we were
And I don’t know what for
But I feel the need to profess
Everything I wouldn’t confess
Way back when
Could you ask me that question again?

The Stars We Face

That he might be under the same sky
Thinking of me
Makes the ocean of waves
Roar with the sea
And I’ve got fire
And tenacity
But there are forests of green
I’ve yet to be
And he’s cool as a breeze
And warm as the air
Coming up from the Azores
Without a care
And what do you think
This planet would be
If it wasn’t populated
By humanity
Could you walk without fear
Roam without a care
I only know pride
Because he is there
And I only know windows
Coz I’ve looked so long
Into the spaces
Where he seems to be gone
And all of the avenues
All the winding paths
Just seem to keep leading me
The same way back
To his doorstep
At the edge of the woods
I can say that I’m here
This time for good
And the wind it howls
And pulls at my dress
But there’s something right here
I’ve got to confess
That I love you always
Unconditionally true
And I’m only ever wishing
The best for you
But it seems times have changed
And the world’s turned around
And maybe you’re listening
To my kind of sound
As it plays on the radio
Frequency waves
And there’s something about
A hero who saves
Me from the lies
With a single glance
We’re in the car park
But do you want to dance
Would you take my hand
Do I regret that tome
Where I wandered wilderness
All alone
Only to find
Your hand in mine
You are for always
Always for all time



Being together is not the goal
But coming together as a soul
For we were made as one
What God has joined will not be undone
But may for a while stumble confused
And think about how it was used
The Masculine and the Feminine
As embodiments of Divine
But humble is as humble does
And our Guide is always Love
To bring us back again to Home
Instead of lost and on our own
Trust the power to let be
Knows more than He, knows more than She
The One Higher Self
Is there even anything else
But the Source from whence we came
And where we go to remain
In all our deep aggrandize
I’m still captivated by your eyes
And the hunger and the lost
And the price and the cost
That we both paid with our bodies pure
In the Eternal disguise manure
The obfuscation here on earth
Is to teach you through the hurt
That Love is the only Truth
How strange I knew it in my youth
But growing older and more weary
I cynicised the seeing clearly
Thinking I was just a girl
Who had too much trust in the world
And for my sins got battered, bruised
But now I see that I was used
To grow the heights I’ve come to be
This is not just you and me
But a collective deep mature
I think, I’m almost pretty sure


It doesn’t hurt anymore when silence greets
The verbalise you used to meet
And even when she lets you go
You trudge on through the snow
Always hoping for dry land
A cabin there to hold your hand
And keep you safe and keep you warm
In this everlasting storm
But though the woods are dark and deep
They don’t have power to keep
Me from the folds of day
That call me to pull away
Out into a new anew
But I wish it had been you
Instead of the other one
Christ above what have I done


A beautiful disaster isn’t the word for you
But I can’t argue semantics because I am one too
And there are some songs that really fit our name
And playing you’s a joy cause you’re such a perfect game
But the nighttime intercedes in between our days
As you walk away from me in a myriad of ways
And you find your home in some other where
I’ve never been one to pretend I didn’t care
Because I do, I do and never will forget
The time we spent together, the time that we could yet
But if it is your will then I will let you go
It’s not like it is a choice but just so you will know
From now until forever you will be in my heart
We’re begun in an eternity that has no end or start

Talking to the Trees

I walked today and realised I was never talking to the trees
I was running with the wind and I heard you on the breeze
And it fascinates me every time how you run up to meet
The lines of intersection when we are feet to feet
And our toes touch each other, our shoes are on the grass
And in all of what is temporary we are built to last
Like the housings of the everglades as ancient as the oak
Or the rustling of the leaves in the words that Jesus spoke
We are forever on horizons in wonderful, unflinching blues
And I know I have been round the block but you’re the one I choose
As we tiptoe on yesterdays that are fading to the past
You’re the answer to the only question that I ever asked