Energetically Awake


The Kundalini Snake ran up my back
I nearly had a heart attack
I thought that I was growing wings
I could feel them bursting through my skin
As though I was an Angel new
But my shoulder hurt me too
And I ached and I complained
I talked to the sky and it rained
And I was given a command
So I moved on demand
But the feeling only got more intense
My hands blew out where I went
Sparking electricity
Now people are staring at me
As I try not to touch
Things short-circulateable
But living in the modern world
There are few places to unfurl
So I just fell onto my bed
Then something blew through my head
And it hurt for months on end
A buzzing that was not my friend
To revolve the world I knew
Its good, I knew, but man it blew!
Because nobody can understand
How normal can be so unmanned
And now I think I’m talking tongues
Or hearing songs I’d never sung
But to be honest and to be real
It’s the cool that I mostly feel
The gust that blows in the door
I shiver as to what its for
Like Death taking me by the hand
The body leaving me as planned
Til I collapse again in bliss
I don’t think I can handle it
Til somehow sight comes again
And my eyes become my friend
To see growing in the leaves
After they’ve fallen from trees
How even in the dirt
There lives a species to be hurt
By man’s absent mindedness
Speak your Presence to the rest
So when my verbalize revolve
I will be the problem solve
Not part of the mess I made
A hero I cannot save kundalini20yoga

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