One thing I’ve learned from my years on the fence
Watching life and the way that it went
Is that people pretend they have it all down
When really they’re trying just not to drown
In an ocean of debt they everyday build
But its not coz of that that they’re unfulfilled
Its because you sacrifice the one
Inside you that knows what you should have done
What you should be and how it should look
Remember being 12 and reading a book
And asking, answering unto the sky
Do you think my innocence is born to die
Like the grey headed adults at twenty five
Their bodies are supple but they’re barely alive
Just making do and just getting by
Do you know what I think I will try
To upend the entire canoe
I do it for me, but its also for you
Because when the revolve comes to reflect
Its then I will speak and I suspect
What I have to say will build a fort
Like the one in your childhood with your cohort
Where you can be fun and you can be nice
You don’t have to be guarded, you don’t have to think twice
But my Thunderbirds I am afraid that I
Can’t do it alone, or I will die
For it is a monumental task to ask
Atlas to carry the whole world on his back
And I will hold up, I will keep strong
If you’ll plant the seeds while I am gone
To build a New Earth, to build the New Dawn
I am right, I swear I’m right, swear I knew it all along

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