If You’re Logged In

If you’re logged in 
I hope you see
The monument
You are to me
And I’m looking up
You’re looking down
And babe we could run this town
If it was a two by two
I’m getting a home ready for you
As I make the tea
And we find our way when we can’t see
And maybe it is wrong
To covet the fold
But the path you walk
Is solid gold
As arms wrap around
Did you hear the sound
Of our silence dear
Isn’t the water pretty clear
When it’s still in a pond
And, no, I amn’t gone
Just waiting in the wings
And my heart it sings
For you, my love
You set the fire, I’ll free the dove

The Line

I hear the bullet ricochet
As you utter truth
I’d say I love you
But you’re such a brute
To give and leave and take away
All that had come to stay
With me for all of time
You say that the fault is mine
But I hear the chime
Of wind bells on the porch
I know I seem out of sorts
But it’s just dealing with the loss of you
And the trauma of what you put me through
Just to prove that you were right
You rained Heaven onto a darkened night
And I’m still living by candlelight
Since the power cut
I don’t think I’m in a rut
It’s just no one sees me clear
And, God knows, I hold you dear
But there’s too much storm in the air
So I high tailed it outta there
And now you’re mad as hell
But I never tell
You what I really feel
Coz I know you cannot deal
With the intense focus of my desire
And you may be all fire
But I am wind and air
And it blew you away, me being there
And I laugh and you deny
That I ever made you cry
But sometimes tears fall like rain
I know I’ll see you again

Shadow Work

Shadow work
I wade through the dirt
That rises in our wake 
The sandstorm is so hard to shake 
And I filter it down to something simple
You pop it like a pimple 
Coz we are One
But we are two
Some Advaita
To soothe you 
Into a lull where you will listen
To my hands as the snowdrops glisten
On your skin like stone
Where's twilight when it's at home
But we're no creature and his prey
We're fighting just to get through the day
With our wands and magic paper 
You said goodbye and I, see you later
And will tomorrow be too soon
For us to share a room
Coz you move me with a stare
I didn't look but I knew you were there
I could just sense it in the stance
Of a heart which started to dance
At the mere sight of my form
And I feel my cheeks get warm
Knowing that you're just inches away
Are there words to make you stay
Or is everything all up in the air
All I know is that you were there 
And so was I 
I feel the moment start to die
As a grim realisation overcomes
And my charm just succumbs 
To some preordained reality
I never claimed infallibility
Just that I'm here to stay
And stay in love with you too, okay? 

Twin Flame Runner/Chaser Dynamic

One of us comes 
The other one goes
I wear the pants
He just knows
And we found love
Where it can dance
Did you take a breath
Or a second chance
On the money
Or off the floor
What is it about love
That we adore
Coz you're summer
I'm winter
We're a cyclical thing
And I know it's real 
When I hear the bell ring
And we lift off
The ground is below
The air is free
But do you go 
When I open my heart
And pour out my wounds
I didn't think the end
Would come so soon
And you're looking past me
Into the sky
What's it about love
That will neither live nor die

Your Own

You showed me the sky
It was your own shade of blue
And there is a timelessness
That lives in you
And everyone you touch
Is a resonant hum
It took me ten years
To see you’re the One
The One in All
The Jesus who stands
The love of my life
When I’m holding your hands
And they’re soft to the touch
And gentle and warm
Who’d ever have known
We’d have kicked up a storm
Like dust under feet
When the wind blows a tune
Something is echoing
Now you’re in the room

Here I Come

Am I about to dive into the rabbithole scene
I haven’t felt love like this since it was just a dream
And his words are fuckin’ insane
But I still remember his name
And the way his hair curls around in locks
The way he walks a palace that time forgot
And shows me in mornings what’s up for the day
At least that’s what she said when I asked her, okay?
And you know in the quiet what’s left to be said
You’re always making your home where you lay your head
And find something honest and real and true
That was just with them and now it’s with you
In the maybes you ache as you shout a refrain
I love the hope of you and I walked through the rain
To be the storm centre, the very eye
Take care of yourself and make sure you don’t die
At least for another fifty or so years
Make art out of pain when the canvas is tears
And look up to the heavens when the sky clears
I drink one to you when I’m having my beers
I’ll laugh out loud and simply guffaw
When I’m running from stares and the vacancy law
That seems to hold court and company
I don’t know about you but I’m down on one knee
Professing my love to the moon and stars
Do you remember the days when it was prison bars
And nothing meant anything to anyone you know
Now you wave at me as I watch you go
With the train that has taken you from the station
I guess congrats are in order for the celebration
Of all you have earned that is duly yours
And I know you could say that this is all words
When I never make it out of the snowstorm that snaps
Full of whodunnits and who gives a craps
And at least if I’m honest I’ll say this to you
You gave perfect a spin now the ancient is new
Now the midnight is dawn and all the renew
You cut fabric in strips out of jeans that are blue
So you’ve something to wear when the darkness escapes
And teach me the truth that not all heroes wear capes


You look at the clock
I hold my breath
Are you gonna leave yet
Or are we alright
And I told myself
It’s better to suffer
Than admit
That you really love her
And she looks my way
And I shake
She’s in every moment
That I choose to wake

Well, what does he think
He’s staring a storm
And I think that I
Would like to keep him warm
But there’s pain in his eyes
I can see it inflect
One wrong move
And this whole thing is wrecked

Now it’s burgeoning
And the moon is whole
I think that we might be connected
By the very soul
And I’m driving down roads
I can’t go back
Thinking about the person
I seem to lack
But really you’re here
Breath against skin
Though it’s so hard
To get a read on him

And she’s everything
I could desire
Does she know
She set my heart on fire
And it burns
For her still
But I don’t know
If I ever will
Get to
Touch her in person
And everything else
Is just rehearsing

Now it’s palm to palm
A namaste kiss
I don’t know enough
To know what I miss
But he’s delicate
And fine
And I would love
To call him mine
As we age
In separate spheres
But I still hold him
So very dear

And she’s crashing the waves
Upon the shore
Does she not
Want me anymore
Or is this fate
Playing a scam
She seems to remind me
Just who I am
And the pillow
Where I rest my head
Is beside her
In an imaginary bed

Are we cocaine lovers
A drug then a high
It was hello
There’s no goodbye
When your twin flame calls
And I am enthralled
As the wall falls
It’s destiny and we are walking

Telepathy is a kind of talking

There’s Nothing Love Can’t Do

There’s nothing love can’t do
It somehow brought me to you
And in our chasm call
Though we fight and the wall
Seems to rise between us
Baby, you couldn’t even dream up
This kind of love
And I’m five and the dove
Flies overhead
Warding off the resident dread
To come again another day
Do I just get in your way
Or are we okay
Because I fly
And I know you die
In a room alone
God damn, just look at your phone
And you will find me there
A digital realm of true care
To vanquish the pain
What was lost we can never gain
But an aside
I am alive
And so are you
So there’s really nothing stopping us two


I guess I just couldn’t be myself
Because of the wealth
Of rules and strictures
And there’s all these guys taking pictures
And you can’t trust
Something when it’s based in lust
There’s gotta be something more
But when you look at me I adore
Myself reflected in your eyes
And in your aura there’s no disguise
You see right through
To what I didn’t mean to show you
Or anyone
But the sun
Just shone
And then you were gone
And I grasped air
In the place where you were there
Til I found you again
And I swear off all men
But your soul pulls the floor
And I unslam the door
And let you back in
If I’m a competitor can I let you win
Coz I don’t wanna lose
The point I came here to prove
That you’re the best thing I never had
And my good is so bad
When you contemplate the style
But I’ll keep you on file
And flick through the memory scene
Do you wanna make the dream
Real and true
Oh God, what I would do with you! 😉

Is That You?

I can feel you
Hairs breadth close
And I’ve fought to find
Love and God knows
That’s not the way
It’s not just what you say
It’s what you are
And I drive a nifty car
But it can’t drive me to the stars
I never meant to break your heart
As I stumble into your arms
I dream of us growing old on farms
With our children around us like the bough of a tree
Covered in leaves of dignity
As we flourish and hold the space
Of all we thought to create
With our love
It fits like a glove
And telepathy
Is someone just talking to me
Like a radio wave chime
Signaling the intro to a new time

As Far As We Go

The year I took myself to task
Was the year that I thought to ask
You if you would be my friend
And the year of twenty one will never end
But it’s filled with ennui
Coz I lost what I gave for free
And all the time you were with her
I didn’t know that it stir
As you wake up to believe
More than wiping your eyes with your sleeve
And I got committed to a mental equation
Adding up how I might hate him
But I can’t make it last or real
As they try to make me not feel
Anything at all, a deadening tome
I thought you stood alone
But there was wind in your hair
I didn’t realise she was your air
As I breathed in all I could take
Til I’m the diamond you forsake
Hidden in the rough and tumble
But my facade starts to crumble
As I let the truth sneak in
Would I settle for just part of him?

Sewing My Thread

Photo by Ron Lach on Pexels.com
I looked out the window
I watched for the tide
With news from the sea
That you might be alive
And I can't preempt destiny
Or run with the wolves
I've just got this awesome 
And hot damn it pulls
Me like a thread
Through a needle eye
I just wait for news
And hope you don't die
Somewhere afar
Where I can't reach you
Life said, love, listen
And let the truth teach you
Coz I can't be a summer
When winter has dawned
I can't be the clock face
That someone has pawned
For gold or money
Or just getting by
I know life is hard
But I've gotta try
To find the flow
That runs a river
I know I've been gone
But could you forgive her
For the fear in her blood
It runs in her veins
And it's not easy 
To erase the stains
That come from a life
Of denying truth
It's almost too much
The paragon of youth
As I finally come round
The smelling salts
Wake me and take me 
As my nose assaults
My senses with something 
That's meant to rouse
I don't mean to disappoint
I want to make you proud

If I Run You Just Catch Me

I tried to run away
To put it behind me
But I love you still
So, baby don't mind me 
I'm just using Oxygen
As I'm drinking the air
Fantasise a future
With you and me there
And I know you've got reasons
I know you've got time
There is an us
But I can't say you're mine
Coz you're free in your soul 
You can't be tied down 
And I've stopped looking rivers
Outside of time 
As I drive by your flat
For the thousandth time 
Does it matter that I
See the sublime
In all that we were 
Or maybe could be
Never thought the Present Moment
Would be history
But I'm letting you go
And you hold on tight
It's like losing your shadow
When you miss the light
That follows me round
And shines from within
Something says awesome
In the shape of him

Photo Credit: https://pin.it/6YyAeC4

Remind Me, Love

I know you forget
So remind me, love
Of how it felt
When you fell from above
And she mixes your drink
And twirls your hair
And it’s almost as if
I wasn’t there
In the year that we
Were born to run
Your turning heads
I’m turning twenty one
And your sideways askance
There to defy
And I swear I’ll love you
Til the day that I die
I opened the heart
I had kept secret
I could tell you the truth
But you’d never believe it
As we dance in the ether
The astral plane though it’s not to deceive her
It’s just the twin flame buzz
You call me up
I call you love
And we’re at it again
The galaxy in the world of men
Unemptiable mine
Of diamonds that just shine
Set into the rock you’ve hewn
Did you even know what you were doing
When you connected with me
I opened my eyes and now I see


It was momentary 
Just a little hint of stardust
As we danced to the silence of your heart
And I realized we would never be apart
That there’s something in your eyes
It’s in the movies in disguise
And I remember watching Yvaine
Soar above the pain
In that summer of 08
It was August and every breath that I take
Informs me of something new
And, honey, it was you

Now you’re far away
And weaving in and out between
Dancing in
Some kind of dream
And there are words I don’t utter
But when you smile I melt like butter
Into a puddle at your feet
I’m still absorbed by the way a black hole will meet
The light that moves to its own pulse
And I must inquire does love repulse
Opposite poles like two magnet shapes
Did I fall in love or did I forsake

And we’re all at sea in our separate lives
We do anything just to survive
But I catch you catch hold of my hand
Help me into a carriage I don’t understand
As it takes me somewhere new
There is scenery but it sings of you
And the us we could be
Or already are like water is free
To flow through rather than under
And I may have deleted your number
But it’s just coz I’m defeated and going under
The tidal weight of the ocean we are
You caught my eye like a shooting star


Is it just my hormones
Making me love you
A perfect match
A patch for two
Or is it something deeper
That we might share
I know that I love you
I know that you care
And when all the wilderness
Lets me go
Will I still be there
At the end of the show
Coz I just wanna hold your hand
And have you feel
The decades of love
With which I cannot deal
As they wrap around
The map of your frame
And I twirl on my fingertips
The headtrip of your name

The Twin Flame Mirror

I could stare at you for an infinity 
Wasting away into you and me
Like the Mirror of Erised
Or the words that she said
As she tried to capture a refrain
Is life more than the pain
That seems to cascade a waterfall
And I let go of it all
Only to be brought back around
Do you hear the ocean in the sound
Of a breeze through the air
I kiss you like you aren’t there
But somehow I still feel your stare
A presence, you being there
In moments gone and yet to come
Suspended between the old and young
And forests grow up from the earth
Like people do from the hurt
The waves and waves and waves of dirt
Capsizing what was once my worth
But you see in pages more than I
The winds of what it is to die
Blowing like for evermore
And I still see you there, mo stór
Effervescent on the hill
Then tiptoeing with some skill
On the tightrope of us
I gave my heart, you gave your trust
And somehow it beats from far away
You run and I stay
To be always on a hike
Like features in the world alike
Always aware of what we are
You be the sun for I am a star

Black Holes and Daydreams

There she goes out on a spin
I wonder will I end up with him
Coz the spiral galaxies can’t contain
Anything that is less than rain
And it all cascades from a cloud
When you speak do you do it out loud
And are you proud
Of all you’ve come to be
Do you really see
Or just threaten so
I ask because it’s somewhere I go
And all my rhymes
Can’t fill the awning gap in my soul
How do you find yourself in a black hole
Singular true
The point of eternity flowing from you

Losing The Love Of My Life

Losing the love of my life
I always wanted to be his wife
And I’m unscripted, I’m undue
And I’m running from anything but you
Coz you’ve got lashes, you’ve got hair
You’ve got Presence amid the being there
And I smile and I laugh
And you catch another raft
As it shoots out into the world
You’ve got a life, you’ve got a girl
And I would never want to interfere
It’s just I love you always, dear
In the moments come unbidden
Amid all that remains hidden
In butterflies and in cymbal clash
The rain comes to pour on me and lash
Out down from the heavens
I’m kicking stones hooked up to sevens
As a day each week that passes
Could be enough to outclass us
And I know you’ve got your sonnet ring
It’s just you don’t know everything
Not half as much as you profess to contain
Must I hear you again explain
All I am in neat little quotes
Must I be student to take notes
And hear once more what you say
It’s all in the going away
But what if I choose to remain
A dash of paint to upskill the rain
As it colours the window grey
But we live in Ireland so come what may
In brutal asides and centerfolds
The path we walk is made of gold
And must we unknow the way
To mean what the people say
In amounts that fall due
And I’m so taken with the fire of you
As you tip your hat to another trope
And I’m just driving by the coast
With the sound of sea in my ears
I brush away the errant tears
That make lanes from my eyes
To mirror that of rainy skies
In all that I profess is true
It’s pure in love and it’s with you

This Man of Mine

I just don’t know what to do
I don’t know, I just need you
To come back in on the breeze
And watch me fall to my knees
As I implore the sky
To let me have this man of a guy
To call my own
And true colours shown
Only paint the clouds a different hue
I came apart in the hands of you
As you just smile
And I walk a mile
In another’s shoes
To be happy and pay our dues
Could I give you a book to peruse
As you unintentionally confuse
Me with your ardent limbs
And, my God, the joy of him
To be together in this way
I don’t care what the people say
In their ancillary tones
I just remember the hold on my phone
As I screamed an I love you
And you just looked sad and blue
And everything is a forest free
Did you perceive the truth in me
Or was it just a moment passing by
Did I need to try
To make you see
Or did you just know me
In our absence of words
The silence is all that I’ve heard
In days gone by
I dunno, I had to try
To let you into just how I feel
But, I just, I cannot deal
With your ebullience
And is the tense
We’re in now just fear
All I hold, dear
Is the memory of us
And the dream of something to trust

Midnight Sky

Two stars passing in a midnight sky 
And I’m gonna love you until I die
And that may be many years hence
But you’re always in the present tense
Tracing constellations in an azure blue
Is the moon and sun in a room with you
And as far as I can make out
My trust in you bends the limits of doubt
Til we’re screaming yes at the end of an aisle
As I twirl your hair around my fingers and smile
At the chance made of fate
It’s you and I on our first date
So circumstance I can’t compute
How you and I could ever dilute
The complexity of an intensity strong
Holding our hands against the wrong
And you win me over with a simple song
I am beside you and we belong
In the halls of Love where they record names
The futility of errant flames
That spiral ever eternity
The timeless realm and now I see

Resuming Communications

I’ve finally realized I can talk to you again
When I gave up and they said, it’s just men
And I was banging my head against the wall
Coz we can’t communicate at all
And I’m screaming refrains out into the night
They look at me and wonder if I’m alright
Coz I’ve got you on my mind
But you weren’t so kind
And I vacated the premises
And you became a sort of nemesis
I chased in my dreams
And we’re walking on hollow beams
As we cross the room, under the ceiling
You said no and it send me reeling
Out into the dark
And the park
Never looked so lonely
And I was mourning for you only
As they dimmed the lights
Do we give up on our fights
As we storm the bastille
But how do you feel
When you lay your head down on a pillow
And I know I am weeping but it’s coz I’m a willow
It’s in my nature
And you left a crater
When you crashed to earth
I was grief stricken, more than hurt
Like I try to play even, I try to play calm
But you grabbed me by the arm
And wrote something there
I look in your eyes and I care
About our horizon
And you are something or so I’m surmising
As we drift apart
But still all heart
I hope you’re happy, I hope you’re well
But I love you still, let it go to hell
All my secrets spilled out on a screen
And you are the man I couldn’t even dream
You’re so perfect ensue
And what in the world do I mean to you
All the things we could do
Walk a mile in another’s shoe
Or sail a river down the stream
I know you’re the king but I am a queen
Of my own domain
Cry to the sky of making it rain
And plain
Are the words I speak to you
I want it back, if that’s okay, too
And you smile and my destiny dance
Do you think we could give love another chance
As it weaves between poles
Crafting the tapestry of our souls
Into a new stance
I felt the waves ocean advance
Into the shore
I can’t help but want you more

A Heartfelt Quote

A mysterious presence
An unspeakable quiet
My life was a hoot
Man it was a riot
Til it all burned down
Back into ash
I once was impulsive
Yeah I used to be rash
Go storming in
And storming back out
Never knowing when
To shut my mouth
As the chains encircled
I felt the vice
Til it trapped me there
It wasn’t nice
Then she walked right in
With the softest arms
Told me she’d
Keep me from harm
Told me she’d
Never let me go
And, well
She didn’t, you know
And the blush it colours
Her cheeks so red
Every time I repeat
Just what she said
That she loved me so
And would always be
Here with me


The wayfaring stranger
The wandering soul
The infinite sky
The dark black hole
You move like the sea
You breathe like the air
You love like fire
And just being there
You lit up my life
Like a starshot stream
You woke up the lion
And ended the dream
You left like the night
Before the dawn
And what can’t be seen
Is never gone

Image Credit: @partyrosalipsx https://pin.it/wjwfj4qwnfl275

Roll Back the Scroll

I don’t care about glory, I just get it done
I don’t need to be seen to be the One
The One who spins the axis on its fingertips
The One who lights up a midnight eclipse
And I may walk the bones of an ordinary
But you must know in eyes that I amn’t she
That I am deeper and more profound
So much so you don’t want me around
Because there is a threatening that happens then
I clip the edge of the wing on end
And a dovetail dive happens henceforth
Followed by untimely divorce
But how and ever, it came to be
The quintessentiality moving me
Rises up the bones of the Earth
You know the Apocalypse doesn’t have to hurt
Because the word is Greek for Revelation you see
And the Bible goes hard on being scary
But when you think it was written by men
If you think I’ll buy it, then guess again
Because the Rebirth is happening now
Can you feel the change if you listen somehow
The energetic shift at the poles of the sky
I don’t think the species will have to die
Not if the Angels finish the job
The 144 heroes I’m speaking of

Investigative Journalism


I know I can be a little abrasive
But if we’re talking flaws then you are evasive
Always dodging the questions I ask
Deciphering answers is quite a task
But one that I love to enjoy
You know I’m a girl? You’re just a boy
And you could never reach the tower I height
But if you are nice I’ll let you alright
And the view can be a double time
Instead of the solitary that is mine
Because being the best is a lonesome thing
When there’s no one to sit with you while you sing
And if you wouldn’t mind taking part…..
I’ll give you my jacket if you give me your heart

Question Marks

How does he forgive me, each and every time?
How, I wonder silently, how is he still mine?
And inclines his head just so against the sill
Of my shoulder bone that I would hold until
Eternity all vanished back into that state
And the heavens disappeared to illuminate
That the Now that we own, the Now that we have
Is all we ever need and now I am sad
To think that all this time I could have been afloat
Instead of plugging holes in a lonely boat
Fighting to stay up when sinking’s what I am
He doesn’t look away, he just holds my hand
And meets me by the eye and breaks it in a smile
Why, says he to me, am I worth the while?



If you can’t handle my volcanic ash
Then I’m sorry my friend but you better stand back
Because I’m all lava spewing
And I know just what I’m doing
When I string the bow and arrow fire
You said you love to take it higher
And deeper than the dark profound
Is the ocean when you’re around
And the reason that you do attract
Is the velocity you send back
Not taken as a dark subtract
But the echoing that I lack

God, Gimme a Sign….Oh, Right


This is the first and only time I’ll write a poem
To go with a gif I found
Its just the feeling of being fucked with
By the Universe is too profound
I go looking for apples and there is an orchard
Of trees growing in my house
I go looking for lions and find them in nets
So I can be the mouse
And every day its clearer, every day its true
There is a third energy coming from me and you
Pilfering our daydreams right out of our hands
And making them come true outside of demands
From places we can’t hold and heavys we can’t lift
Accept the love you’re given because its a gift
And worrying too much and being a try hard
Is only blocking windows because horizons are too far
And even though I doubt and even though I claim
I fall by the wayside and am picked up again
By a power I don’t know and surely can’t contain
Don’t curse falling water when you love the rain
And don’t try to make it sacred, don’t try to make it holy
When using words like wisdom that are coming from you only
And making it a monster or making it a queen
Denys the reality of living the daydream
That was made and designed by a higher hand
He brought Him to You so trust the command

Once More, with Feeling


Sticks and stones may break my bones
But words will break my heart
I don’t care what anyone says
Words tear you apart
And some people are immune and some people are not
But some things enunciate all that you forgot
And even though I wish I could burn them from my brain
The harder I try, the more it is in vain
Because the cymbals ring louder with each and every attempt
To dull them with the windows where the watching went
And every time I look where you went away
I hear in HD the things you do not say
The nothing that you are, the nothing we became
Is empty air inside of me and nothing is the same



I spent some time at Alcatraz
Where they punish you for feeling bad
Where the waves rise as the sea rolls
And the jailors shatter porcelain dolls
And in my time along the front
I heard a call for what I want
A little girl four years my junior
I’m watching as they try to ruin her
As they try to pull apart
The reason that she has a heart
And even though their minds are good
They’re doing things no one should
So I stand up tall on the ridge
Don’t you know that she is His
And no foibles that the thieves will utter
Can turn this ship or shake the rudder
And I will take her home
Stand back or I will alone
Seek to pulverise the steel
That tells someone what not to feel
And in my arms I felt her break
I let her crumble and I let her shake
So she would be born anew
And in that tremble I would too
So when we broke our lines apart
I looked at her for a new start
And found that she returned the favour
A double digit branded saviour
See it isn’t one or the other
We lead each other out of cover
And back into the open air
There’s a reason I was there
To hold up hope where there was none
I think the devil may be done

Photo: NanFe on Deviant Art
When God is gone and the Devil takes hold

Tear My Hair Out


The twin flame adage seems to be this
I’ll run and you chase or the other way round
But we never made that sound
Ours was a calamitous affair
I’m here and you’re there
And we can never touch
The seas are too rough
And you would kill me, drag me down
You shudder when I come around
Because you know I’m right
And you don’t want to light
That fire in your heart just yet
And I forget
What its like to feel alive
But I survive
And sometimes I want to Shakespeare it up
Trade my life for my love
But I am stopped by the invisible barrier I cannot cross
All is not lost
I am told
Just follow the directions as I move
Its a game you cannot lose
For there rides on this more than you can know
You must let him go
Let him think what he likes
Let him fill you with spikes
It is no matter
Because like batter
You will rise when the time is right
But Jesus Christ, I don’t want to fight
I conflict avoid
And you’re still a boy

By The Heart

You rushed along the water’s edge to greet me at the shore
And when I looked into your eyes I couldn’t wish for anything more
But there was a hidden darkness, that was swirling at the edges
And we turned to just the silt and sand that the river dredges
And I never could compassionate the love you gave to me
It’s just you opened up my heart and made my eyes to see
And now I cannot give back what has been revealed at will
All I know is a simple quiet that’s there when I am still
And I hope each day you find the same in what you make of life
If it was up to me then I would meet you twice
But as for now our destinies have us spiraling apart
But know if you’re ever filled with doubt, you have me by the heart