Its like you don’t care, you left me to the wolves
And you are the boxer whose punch never pulls
As I take the hit, now I’m going down
And my killer is someone that I want around
But I don’t mind coz that was the deal
I’ll tell you I love you and you make me feel real
And I’ll take the pain and I’ll take the price
But just don’t expect me to think that you’re nice
When the price is raw, red suffering hunger
The feeling of you and I when we’re younger
And not so jaded and not so broke
But the wheel set on spin and then onto choke
And as I gaze at the stars in the sky
I think about how you left me to die
In the feast of a famine and the ravage of time
The moment in space when you said you were mine
But words are all honey and you cannot survive
On lies that were sold just to keep you alive
So take your ticket and get on the train
I’ll be standing here out in the rain
Until you get back, until you’re home
Until my skeleton bones are alone
Because you never come and you never call
And sometimes I wonder were we at all
Were we but a dream in a fragment of heart
Not lovers forever til death do us part
So slowly I drag my carcass from grass
The steeds are moving but I’m letting ’em pass
For once on the bridge then nothing at all
Goodbye and good luck and to hell with it all

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