I’ve muted Trump on Twitter because he’s got nothing to say
And I don’t have time for things to go that way
I don’t have the energy to be draining by his speech
And everyone in anger standing under the leaves
So I block him out because something I’ve learned
You withdraw your attention and the tables are all turned
What is it that makes a President, the election and the votes
Or everyone showing up when he’s turning coats
So I say show your back and then show him the door
If you fall into the shadow then it only spurs it more
Because people go as this, you attract what you desire
Keep your eyes on the prize and set the world on fire
And do not waste your precious moments on this earth
Drinking in words that were spoken to hurt
Keep your ears as clean as the whistle that you dry
And if they draw you in, well you can let them try
But know all the while you’re bigger and you’re better
And a boat like yours can withstand the weather
Don’t let it grind you down, don’t let it break your heart
But if it does, then love, make the pain into an art
And paint the constellations in patterns on the wall
Don’t let it be for nothing, go into freefall
And when the landings done and you have come to be
The world will listen to you like its gonna do to me