A Lasting Legacy

obama beer

I remember you were standing on the steps of College Green
And when I hear you speak its the American Dream
That I heard an eon of long, long time ago
When I was a child listening to the radio
And Michael was singing about being Black and White
And I thought ya, kill it man, I’m up for the ride
Because I have always felt, I have always known
The ground must be planted before the flowers grown
And even though I doubted and even though I fail
You speak your heart to me and I am out of jail
You speak your truth in lines, and by varying degrees
I’m shaking as I stand but I’m up off my knees
To hobble round the city, the Dublin that I fear
I thought there to myself, what am I doing here
In a life that I can’t live, as a person I can’t be
When did I start following what they said to me
Instead of living the leader that is calling my bones
Get up and get out and stop them throwing stones
At the women in Gibraltar, at the men in the East
It signed, sealed, delivered and soon to be deceased
And I just want to thank you for the Audacity of Hope
To light me up in times when I couldn’t even cope
And remind me once again and remind me once more
Just what in the hell I’m doing all this for
Because we want change and you know, yes we can
Thank you for the years, Brother, you’re the Man!

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