Maigh Nuad

train blue

You did say you’d be there, you did say you’d call
And I did say I’d wait for you through it all
But as the years passed and not a sound came
I found myself calling your name
Do you not know, do you not remember
The feelings that once upon a time you engender
Apparently not for I am but one
Of a litany of females that you have done
And I think to myself of obsequious folly
I never thought I’d be a little iced lolly
But here I go and here I am
You know I thought you would understand
Not pulverise bones and punish wounds
That you open up a little too soon
And I never did nothing to you so enjoy
Your resident evil as the poor boy
That everyone hates, that everyone fools
But I’m not one of the fuckers from school
I am unique and I am my own
But fuck it, you know, you got me alone
And I fell as hard as any can do
And in the end fell victim to you
To do what you will, do what you must
You know, baby, we’ll always have trust
But that was a lie, that was deceit
And never again shall the twain meet
Like symmetrical lines, a perfect parallel
The word that divides heaven and hell
And splits us both back into the story
When you had your hunger and I had my glory
But we like divisive lovers of old
Took what they gave us and painted it gold
But gilt can never make metal of ash
And now that you’re gone I don’t want you back
For the pain, it was stark, the pain, it was bleak
And now you want to show up on my street
But the diamond divide can never surpass
I don’t think I told you that I kick ass
And I got an A in all of my shit
Don’t call me names and expect me to hit
Back like you do, just walk on by
And when you move on could you tell me why
Without so much as a backward sigh
You could let go and hang up, goodbye.

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