Taking the Ten


Brick by boring brick I tore my castle down
And I hopscotched on the edges of a foreign town
Always waiting for a break, always waiting for the time
You would give me the signal to tell me you were mine
But as the days wore on I gave in to fear
And I shook to think that I did not have you, dear
And the people are all staring, the people all know
That I am somewhere you could never go
With their looks and their stares, their vagabonds and dues
Don’t you know I have a man who loves to sing the blues
But sorry they were right and sorry I was wrong
I didn’t realise it was a lonely song
A simple melody with a single guitar
Now I am supping whiskey in the backend of a bar
Trying not to let the despair ink my skin
Remember how you were before you were him
But I have lost my mind and sunk so far down
That I cannot recollect and you were not around
As I stared out of that window onto a campus that was bare
Something is missing, there’s something that isn’t there
Like a wasted agonise or a simply isn’t true
The missing that it was was me missing you.

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