Exhausting My Potentiality

Exhausting my potentiality
I throw it all at the screen
Then wake up in the morning
Is this just a dream
Coz we’re born then we die
With a few years in between
What is the difference
Between pauper and queen
When in the final reckoning all is one
As sure as the earth revolves around the sun
The Love keeps us all burning bright
But there are things I wonder when I lie awake at night
As in how could it cease just to create
Tell me in time that I don’t need to wait
As the sky comes down to earth
In the moment it heals my hurt
And shows me a summer no winter can harm
And any pain just rings the alarm
To let me know to investigate
That something approaching the notion of hate
Has taken root in my being
I rub my eyes so I know that I’m really seeing
What’s in front of me
I learned less is more, that’s my degree

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