Turns Out Freedom

SchangSche.art on Instagram
Say you’ll stay friends
Then just eclipse out of each other’s lives
Say it’s forever
But it barely survives
And it turns out freedom
Is wishing you were near
Turns out evasion
Is holding you dear
As you crack a smile
That spans the whole sky
And I re-enter earth
Just to learn how to die
Coz the wings I’ve grown
Just to fight gravity
Have become an ongoing
Hinderance to me
As I must soar
Only to touch down
Oh, the constant draw
Of the ground
Like you set sail
And push off the shore
But leaving the land
Makes it want you more
Like the end of a rope
Tied to a bucket
Dip it into the well
But, man, fuck it
You only go in
Just to be pulled out
Now full of water
To add to your doubt
And it’s not eternal
This coming and going
I look out the window
And it is snowing
But the seasons only show you
What’s left to rest
Give me Infinity
That I cannot test

Photo Source:https://pin.it/50OUl3y

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