Exhausting My Potentiality

Exhausting my potentiality
I throw it all at the screen
Then wake up in the morning
Is this just a dream
Coz we’re born then we die
With a few years in between
What is the difference
Between pauper and queen
When in the final reckoning all is one
As sure as the earth revolves around the sun
The Love keeps us all burning bright
But there are things I wonder when I lie awake at night
As in how could it cease just to create
Tell me in time that I don’t need to wait
As the sky comes down to earth
In the moment it heals my hurt
And shows me a summer no winter can harm
And any pain just rings the alarm
To let me know to investigate
That something approaching the notion of hate
Has taken root in my being
I rub my eyes so I know that I’m really seeing
What’s in front of me
I learned less is more, that’s my degree


I’m burning up like the flow of the river 
As all of life calls me to forgive her
Coz I can’t split in two just to spite my face
Or deny the regard of constant disgrace
And I was only a teen
But I saw through the cracks in the dream
Untoward a vast expanse
Where music makes the people dance
And I feel as though I’m on fire
Like I’ve been lit by something higher
But it always seems to come back to ground
Like I’m rooted in the sound
Of you saying goodbye
Then realizing what it means to die
As I sweated it out in the class
Then fell victim to what could not last
And I stirred on the floor as I heard her call
It was like I’d lost the wall
Separating me from creation
A moment stunned and then elation
You can call it enlightenment or waking up
Or just realizing all is love
Then I see you with your eyes downcast
And I try to forget the past
But the memory of the crush is ever fresh
And I’m still not there yet
At the part they say release
But I may just be at peace