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I was walking through the leaves in a wilderness tone
When it hit me that I was already at home
And I looked in his eyes and I saw the Sun
He looked at me and saw the One
And the reflection mirrored itself to me
Dazzling along an infinity 
As we march to the beat of time
I relinquish the dream where he is mine
To command and to own
It's been years but we've both grown
Up and out in separate ways
I love him a lot but he never stays
Always open to a new endeavor
I thought love was the only endeavor 
But it seems that self realisation takes the place
Of the days I spent trying to save face
As I reveal myself to him
Find the snippet of a grin
That spreads across feigned innocence
I dunno if you're due for rent
But I'm out to buy
It's you and I don't know why

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