As It May Seem

Don’t judge a book by its cover
Do not simply name me lover
Because I’m effusive and full of heart
And only too eager to play my part
Don’t judge the sky by its rain
You know this moment won’t come again
And the clouds that seem to pour themselves down
Will one day be ocean in which you can drown
Don’t judge time by its age
There’s more to ink than what’s on the page
There’s more to be said than what’s verbalized
And I could get lost in his chasming eyes
Don’t judge a star by its light
It will one day run out of jet fuel, alright
And turn black hole dark
Collapse on itself from whence came the spark
Don’t judge me by what I say
I’m iceberg lettuce and I’m deep okay
In your salad green
Not everything is as it may seem
Don’t judge yourself by your pain
Each moment you have will not come again
There’s more to each bar than what’s left ajar
So let go of the journey when it is too far
Don’t judge a route by the road
Each car that you see is eventually towed
Or sold for parts
You can place your stead in the queen of hearts
But don’t judge a night by the moon
That is not there coz before you know soon
Reflected light will perforate
The dream of dark that kept you in that state
Don’t judge a sea by the roll
Of waves that come to crush your soul
If you leave the trees be and get up off your knee
Maybe someday you will finally see
Don’t judge love by its pull
Every headache will eventually dull
And find yourself peace amid what will not cease
I’ve got to let you in on the paper crease

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