Love and a Fire Sign

Is at its most powerful
When open doors
Meet it
At every shore
And I've been scared
Of my wild heart
Which pulls me 
All apart
When I
Don't know
What I'm doing 
It makes my spirit soar
And takes my hand
Tells me that it will be grand
In country tones
Or Dublin when he's on the phone
Batting lashes
And I phoenix from the ashes
To blaze anew
A fire sign just for you
And interestingly
You just sigh
Tell me a feigned goodbye
Coz I know
You wanna hear more
And I can count
The numbers that you score
With your perfect tune
And movement when
Nobody's in the room
Could I hold out a hand
Would you catch it
Would you be my man
And let the drifting go
I see you where you are, you know
And love you as you be
There's no monstrosity to see
But pulverised
From all your shaking
You're in the room
My boots are quaking 
But I stay 
Please tell me you love me that way
In a summertime share
Or an I know that you care
More than you let on
It's not gone 
But eternal here
I love you always, my dear 

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