Absence Makes the Heart Grow Stronger

My anger burns me more than anyone else
I hold it in so I won’t go to hell
For daring to lash the flare
The solar that isn’t there
Because the understanding is
You walk by and do not miss
The bodies that lie wasted dead
Yes, I heard what you said
That no one cares but some do
Just coz that someone isn’t you
Do not think it to be true
That caring comes out of the blue
For sometimes when you least expect
It from someone you do suspect
To be made from a different atom
Point the way and I’ll come at ’em
For daring to stomp the pride
Of the ones I keep alive
I hold out hope but I see
Everywhere the people bleed
And even though I try to stand
I always fall to the man
In every human heart and soul
Clawing, trying to be whole
By hammering a nail in place
The sacrilege to deface
The bloody of a beating heart
The heat that makes a new start
Impossible and now I see
None of this was about me
But only responsibility
I bear not but destiny
And Mother Earth to groan and heave
And people to just believe
That wishes really do come true
They don’t it is up to you
And not at all in the end
Nobody is a friend

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