I always knew God was a prick
Seven years old and I cannot do it
Believe benevolence could be held
By the warmakers on the veld
Believe the Lord could be sublime
To puncture what is divine
And make a mess of the mash
To destroy and not come back
To die and never be
The maker of destiny
But within the might is this
The depth is what I kiss
To never give my power over
To wilderbeasts or a four leafed clover
Because all is circumspect
And you can guess what comes next
The defiant open praise
And the demonisation to save
That could spill the blood of man
The flesh of the one who can
The mitre of the one who moves
The body of the breath I lose
Because I cannot move a crack
Without the threat of the whiplash
So I flip the papers out
Into faces and roundabout
Goes into the other edge
Life looks better when you’re dead
And growing the greener grass
Thinking you are just an ass
For daring to subliminally
Mess with the heart of me
Go cash in on some other chips
They must be right, you don’t exist
The light in the eyes of the other
The people that I call brother
The ones that I say hey to
Are the same ones who will do
The darkest to the little scheme
There’s more than one way to wake the dream
There’s more than one way to bubble burst
But try me and I’ll kill you first
And I won’t bow so do your worst
Wear black when they call the hearse
To bury what you thought of me
But though I die, I die free
And there are things I’ll never be
Maybe someday you’ll see

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