It is not the ones who die
It is the ones who are left behind
Have you ever seen the crawling skin
Of the death that comes from within
And pours out of eyes as they stare
At someone who isn’t there
Have you ever felt the desperation
As they claw at the appelation
Of a symbol of time
A snapshot of divine
But held within is all the light
You could ever need to ignite
A body back to life
And you are that dynamite
So don’t cry over the corpse box
They have undone the locks
Of the one who was the shine
That smiles when their heart meets mine
The no where that you think they be
Is no where but with me
And home again, do you not know
That I follow where you go
That I touch where you trace
That some things you cannot erase
Like a love for an age
To always be the rage
To light the match of undone
To close eyes and be the one
Who will never fight
Go to them, I’ll be alright

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