The Divide

I would die for life on Earth
That is why your words hurt
When you call me a bigot girl
You’ve never lived inside my world
You’ve never known and you’ve never seen
You haven’t been where I’ve been
And when you make the assume
That you know about my room
Then I must rebel
And tell you to go to hell
For all the judgements lay on heads
That are full of insteads
If you don’t know then do not speak
And do not think me weak
When I do not point the arrow
At the place the path will narrow
At the point the river breaks
And divergence all forsakes
If you really want to know
Then understand before you go
And calling names works both ways
There are things that no ones says
And gaps in perception blues
I will not fight with you
Only stand firm in my position
Amid the weight of supposition
And delineate the shape
Of what you call an escape
For the missing link is this
There is something that you miss
When you say nothing is all there is
Look before you leap abyss

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