My own ego, ego, I must write it down
I am the architect of being a clown
And I am the idiot to write words
I know in my heart will never be heard
To hold onto something that never is
A long lost and there forgetting a kiss
An innocent smile and a broken twig
A take away and a give
But when the answers all fall me up
I’m not sure I ever gave love
Only the match I longed to seek
Only the pieces where I felt weak
Only the jigsaw I wanted to fit
I saw an answer and you were it
But you are a person and human with blood
And if I knew then I never would
Have wanted to cause you an ounce of pain
Some things you do once and never again
Because all the honesty that I could spill
Can’t take back the past and I never will
Forgive myself for what I could not do
I chose them, I chose them and left you

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