School was boring, it was too easy
I could tell them the truth but they’d never believe me
About how light bends to refract
About things that leave and don’t come back
About the die and how its cast
About impermanence and the last
But they rattle on about this and that
While I contemplate the black
That hides in everybody’s eyes
Don’t they know everybody dies
And we are wasted here like this
If I could fulfill my wish
I’d drown the siphons that they scream
I would surely wake the dream
That they’re all dreaming in defiance
I’ll make a holy alliance
Of people who feel the same
This is real life, its not a game
And when they see me in truth
They’ll know what I was in my youth
Nothing to infantalise
But the hope that sees through lies
And burns down all the trees
Destroys all the neverbees
And in that dark pollute
I will wear the Death suit
To pull the war all to shreds
But the sleepers are still in their beds
As I slowly come to succumb
The end is not to be undone

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