Pleasant Trip?

Sometimes I feel like the masculine twin
Instead of the she that is thinking of him
Because I’m so protective inside my soul
And it is more than making me whole
It is writing you a sonnet
And thinking about how you might think on it
If you ever happened to wander my way
If you happened to care what I think to say
And all of their words are flies on the screen
I flick them away with a wiper and scream
And when I hear ears I build the light
To put out the lies they love to fight
And you held me so calm and carefully true
I would die any day for you
If you just give the word I’d rush to your side
Come in and out like the movement of tide
But alas it is gone, alas it is over
Though I always hold hope like a four leafed clover
Because minds change and misunderstands
May be commuicae I can command
So like Romeo or the fictional hero
I watch the life burn down to zero
I watch the dream slowly fade away
I watch it all and I do not say
That though it hurts and though it burns
I’m never done with the taking of turns
And borrowings fine, while it lasts
But I have a heartache to leave you aghast
And keep it in pockets, keep it in secret
Keep it so close that you wouldn’t believe it
So you might be free to live as you like
And not be obliged to make me alright
But forever more til the Earth pass away
These are the only words that I’ll say
I love you long and I will be
Yours, always, for eternity

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