Against My Better Judgement

My love is ardent, my love is true
My love is not like how others love you
But I know I’m just a man in clothes
Who walks in places nobody goes
And you shine effortlessly, you shine so pure
You are nothing if not demure
And I on the wing, I on the fly
I all or nothing til the day that I die
Would do anything for you just to consider
That some leaves are so green they never wither
And I may be broken and surely am rash
But when I lay down I do it in cash
With all of my chips and all of my might
With all of my fire and all of my fight
And just because you did not see me do it
Does not mean that you didn’t walk through it
And have it imbibe, have it surround
I hear every word and carry each sound
And if my life is only to remain
Staring at skies and feeling the rain
Then it is still far better than
Anything other than holding your hand
For a minute or two, for a second to last
Don’t write me off to part of your past
When all that I have and all that I am
Is waiting and hoping that you understand
That everything’s nothing without your smile
For you I would walk the green mile any time
And if it is but a rose to offer
Then I’ll leave it doorstep and only think of her

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