Don’t Do That

Is there an objective evil
Or am I just Kineval
To ride on my bike and hat
I go down roads to not come back
And they all there with their taboo
Sorry I don’t give a shit about you
As all the lines you draw around
Only begin to trace the sound
That plays like music in my head
And I would not like to be dead
While there is blood pumping my veins
So I take purification pains
To leave the dream and leave the state
That people live and people wait
For a tomorrow that never comes
And the Now is the One
But anyway, write me off
I am the future, cough, cough
And when the dark comes to shine
Then you will see that the sublime
Lives in every heart and soul
Lives inside as I roll
Like an asskicker down the road
Don’t try to carry a load
That you were never meant to bear
I see the veil and I tear
It to shreds and all asunder
Do you hear the sound of thunder?
Coming with the new dawn
I know I’m right, I’m never wrong

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