I was planning for our future
While you finished up the suture
You had stitched so I wouldn’t see
You’d cut the heart out of me
And when I felt the longing pull
Well, the pain made me dull
And the pills I gave in to take
Were the great invalidate
Of the emotional grief
Of losing ardent belief
In the idea Love Conquers All
Love I am and in Love I fall
And in the trust I laid in hands
Was mere acquiescence to demands
In the body I gave bequeath
To lay the stars underneath
An unreciprocated gift
That eventually lift
You back up when I stand
But first I must take your hand
To tell you forgiveness lives
In the bones that love gives
For though you may have promised me
Words mean nothing and now I see
That all is spiderweb prose
And it was the path I chose
To die for what I believe
And intermittently grieve
For the losing we all do
And the worst thing I lost was you
The absolutely totally gone
Now I see that I was wrong
To put faith in the world of form
While my body is warm

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