Is it Love or is it attachment
The drunkenness I feel
And I know when I’m there
That its everything you steal
That its everything that you’ll take
That my own life I would forsake
For the black darkness in your eyes
A void without disguise
A kiss without lips
A dark midnight eclipse
And when I love it I hunger
I know I’m going under
Its just that I can’t seem to care
An honest fool when you are there
And honest fools always get played
The lying ones might be delayed
But slap in face is my middle name
I met You so nothing’s the same
But a life I could never be
I just wish you would’ve told me
That you were gone before you left
So I could have been bereft
And mourn the loss by your side
I am not one to hide
From the truth, hanging long
If you want so long
Then goodbye is all she wrote
I’ll leave you with a quote
That kind of happy is not enough
I hope you find your peace, my love