Knuckle Crack

You’re gonna have to kill me because I will not break
I don’t care for what you’re gonna take
And you can throw pennies and you can throw wires
But I am That which never tires
And the world depends on souls like us
Building bridges between the spheres with trust
Building back the storm and collapse the thunder
The old world is going under
And I’m not gonna be the one falling short
I will never mission abort
So shoot me, tear me, cut me down
Unless I die, I will not drown
In the lies they tell, in the bull they weave
I swear I will never leave
So take your shot, I’m standing here
But your bullet better hit the mark, my dear
For you won’t get a second try
And I would rather live than die
Every day to the forest
I promise and you can trust me on it

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