Don’t Really Care

I began life as a solitary beast
And in that solitude deceased
To become the alone I am
And to understand
That living is not all it seems
And living is not waking dreams
Living is loving as you are
Living is wishing upon a star
Living is silence in the repose
And living is what I chose
To merge the human and divine
To fade back into the sublime
And relinquish the last of ego
It took time but I had to see though
That batterings pay their due
And my battering was you
Til broken surrender is all that’s left
And I take off due west
In steerage and in subtle ties
And the girl who loved you dies
And the silence remain
And the memory of the pain
Til only this, til only Now
I think it is enough somehow
To realise the ever there
No one will ever care

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