Better Man

Like its some kind of loaded gun


Seeing the reflection of other in self
Saying goodbye like everyone else
And to realise the truth is this
There is no line that I can wish
On to be just fine
The only way is to do hard time
And learn and learn and see
None of this was about me
But the wanting and craving and the demands
Of the one you could call Man
Although I just say its ego
It big but that don’t mean its real though
And when it comes down to the deceit
The lies and the river and where the two meet
Is just that nothing is all that there is
Now nothing is there, there’s nothing to forgive
Or nothing to fight or to let learn
The world that you live in must be let burn
For daring to cling and daring to hold
You would trade away fields of gold
And there is a sacrifice, yes its true
But the sacrifice I make is you

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