Object Consciousness

Sometimes I look at people and I’m like “Is this real life?”
I know you’ve got two kids and a wife
But you look at each other and don’t speak at all
And when the words come out they hit a wall
And I ponder myself many the time
How people give up dreams to be fine
How people give up on themselves to okay
I already know what you’re gonna say
That I’m missing out, that I just don’t know
But I’ve walked so many paths that I go
Down every broken wire this way
And I can’t begin to play
The game of life like its nothing new
Its a rolling pin, you know that, don’t you
And the inner is all to seek the free
Don’t look at them, look at me
But tell me what is it you see
Is it I or all that we could be
Is it I or only the shadowplay
Of an egoic walk away
Where skeletons live like they’re real people
And people talk like there is an equal
To the light of real love
I know it fits like a glove
But when the snow is fresh and cool
You should feel it, you fool
Not inoculate your skin
Against the coldness within
Against the winter and the shiver
And I don’t care what you give her
If the real isn’t true
Then you can’t be it, can you?
So bring the dawn and bring the age
Spill the ink and turn the page
But promise me just one more time
If I ever stop the shine
That you will light the hall
So the people see their own freefall
And in my demise of sin
At least I know that they have him
To build and to bottle water
I love God but I’m Satan’s daughter

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