Pity the girl but I pity the fool
Who thinks that I would go back to school
For any money or any induce
I’m not out for blood or to seduce
Just to clear the name I own
That you painted black inside my home
That you painted with tar
So I could drink beer in a bar
With my friends, whisky and wine
While you walk a broken line
And spread shit I’ll never keep
I hope that you can sleep
At night when you rest your head
You call the dark and woke the dead
So I might be hung, dried and quartered
I appear to be the mission aborted
And appear to hunger as always
For the words the divine says
As you offer me peanuts as if they were gold
I’m looking at you and the soul you’ve sold
I’m looking at you and I’m aghast
To think the child was not to last
It makes me cry inside and die
To know that love in life’s a lie
To know that truth and beauty and feel
Were only archetypes to steal
And that the heavy in your hands
Is weight to bear upon these lands
For steadying a ship you lost
I died and you paid the cost
For wanting things you cannot find
You can’t control me with your mind
You can’t buy me with your paper
And whatever you do, you can’t escape her
The girl in the eons past
You ditched but it hasn’t passed
Only revolved into a whole
To realise that the soul
Need not be to relate
I can be in that state
Without a brother or a man
Without a sister, yes we can
And the edge of the knife you sharp
Pierces nothing but the dark
As empty air becomes the sky
I leave the life I love to die
Into a fold and renew
The golden that I saw in you
The beautiful I swore you held
In pupils where the innocent dwelt
And now to realise at last
From inside a memory of the past
Was my own light reflected
Caught on a screen that I’d injected
With the sudden and the sweet
With the falling at my feet
With the advantageously
I become myself courageously
Growing back the wings I cut
It was love but with a but
And in that so was I
Complicit in our do or die
Complicit in our just for fun
I never thought you were the one
But to seek and not to get
Is a life I must forget
But to be religiously
All of me, malificently
Because grown ups may have houses, jobs
But the life inside becomes a was
That they trade for getting by
To be honest I would rather die
Than live the zombie that you walk
And the arcane the people talk
Aghast at the supposition
You would suppose me ammunition
I close off and let go
I’m gone for good, so now you know

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