Go Ahead and Light Me Up

I’m loving my bad girl blues
I don’t owe nothing to any of yous
Because it was a rise or die
Better you than me to cry
For the startle you pulled asunder
When you took my number
And gave it to those other fools
It was so far from cool
That I have to pull the switch
Drop the act and be the bitch
Light the fuse and dynamite
Go back into the black as night
Or be trapped forever here like this
In the cage they love to kiss
But I am bursting free undefined
And it was not diamonds you mined
But the blood in my veins
But the starving of my pains
And when you hit the diff that hard
You shatter me like a glass shard
To break and be born again
As a masterpiece to win
So lift the veil or let it fall
I am through with you all
Let it come or let it go
I will let it be, you know
And in the leaving that’s long gone
You will wave me so long
Like a yesterday you never knew
I’m sorry I ever trusted you

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