A Life For A Life

Let me make myself clear, a fire doesn’t burn
So when all is gone then you can learn
That I never was but the heat in the room
The dancing of flames you put out too soon
I was only ever the flicker of light
To be the darkness in a midnight
To be the firing of a gun
And in truth to be the one
But when you did the defatigue
And pierced me with levers you had up your sleeve
Then I used all of my hydraulic power
To crumple the stairs and smash the tower
Coz one thing is this when you bite black
Be careful because she bites you back
And sings in an effigy of burning hate
When you tried to put me in my place
But I am too low so I only rise
You can wave to me as I streak the skies
With the starship cobra of my tail
I thought you knew I wasn’t for sale

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