I tried to make a break, I tried to make a run
But my getaway car, my car it was undone
And they had me on a line, its like a wire in my chest
That tells me who to be and that I must be the best
Or everything’s a failure, or everything’s a mess
And there is a cure for every kind of distress
So we all grow up so hard, we all grow up so cold
We all get good at hiding the parts of our soul we’ve sold
But I intend to buy back with every ounce of cash I have
The dark materialism that left me feeling bad
The barbed wire feeling that had me on the go
I looked good on the outside but I wasn’t, you know
And the phone calls they all rang and when they rang me loud
I deafened in the ears what I’m all about
But when it all comes down to it, it is I who agree
And yes can only come from the mouth you see
To learn to say no and stand the ground I own
It might be where I live but it is not my home
When all the walls are falling and crumbling on themself
I’m looking for something and then something else
That I never seem to find, no matter how far I go
I’ll give up as I am because I just don’t know
What I’m doing wrong in the everything I am
All the water’s over and I can no longer stand
For the person I became underneath those skies
Everybody lives but for all the cries
I would have been okay
I guess my time is up, doesn’t matter what you say
With my bindle and my stick and the heart I’m with
I’ll make my own way and stand up to it

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