The Ram

Learning to hate my Aries fire
In a world of niceties I tire
Of always colouring within lines
When I am the undefined
So bored, I set a bomb
To go off when things go wrong
And burn it all back to ash
The God of War that I take back
My right to stand up for me
And the inner savagery
That tears down lies when I see ‘em
You wanted good, well you be ‘em
Because I will be authentic true
I don’t need anything from you
Go live in hovels, go live in holes
Go marching lines and sell your souls
While I sit in my armchair
Just glad because I am there
And the Presence that I seek
Is neither mild nor meek
But pulverise and break
But armor and forsake
Because a wise man once said
In a letter that I read
To my self an eon ago
When time still moved slow
Sometimes you gotta fight
When you’re a man, alright?
And the coward in my veins
Has left, the hero remains
To be brilliant and be red
Instead of someone else instead
I stand the solid that I am
Don’t bother me if you can’t understand
That I will do all I can
To revolutionise a plan
And a dream I dream again
I will be my own best friend
Instead of always taking notes
From effortless and beauty quotes
But fruit that I will bear anew
I’m good, thanks, I don’t need you
To tell me what I don’t know
And the way to go
Read the map, I’ve made the plan
Now watch it fall into my hand
Co-opt the darkness and we’ll see
If anyone can beat me
If anyone can stand up
To the Power of Unconditional Love


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