Anybody Else

Don’t drag me because I shine
You know I keep it with mine
And you can call me the future leader
Or the lies that did deceive her
Or the words that did trick
Her into taking the bit
Into a mouth to breathe air
An eating that was never there
A full that could never be
A done that was made of me
So walk away in virtue blue
And buy the bull they sell to you
But I will keep my whistle dry
And stay warm until I die
In the fortress of everlast
Growing grass within the past
I will never fall for it
So leave and take the hit
For wanting things you’ll never find
I guess it was a time out of mind
In the black hole pinprick days
Laughing at their go aways
Because a threat is a threat made free
And if you dare threaten me
You will get the backswing beat
Hitting hammers on your seat
So love and leave and walk the talk
I’ll be the leaf to grow the stalk
You be the dark to grow the night
And we’ll call it a day, alright?

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