It was fusion before the meltdown
And the reactor made a sound
To melt the core from outside
The steel that kept us alive
See we were the atomic bomb
I sensed in the world to come
And when we made our perfect match
We did something I can’t take back
And I dunno if it was good or bad
It was so much more than feeling sad
It was a falling apart
It was a shattering of the heart
It was a tearing of the soul
It was a breaking of the whole
Into two little appled eyes
Into two rolling dies
Into two I don’t know whys
It was Armageddon skies
Blackened and as dark as soot
Something evil is underfoot
Not sexy but more the six
A terrible I couldn’t fix
An awful I can’t undo
It was the end of me and you
Before we had even time to start
Don’t put the horse before the cart
Unless you want it to run away
With all you couldn’t say
And watching as the train burns down
I left the city and you the town

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