The Final Frontier

I felt the wind of death blow through me
I felt the chill in my veins
I felt the ice of subterfuge
I felt a thousand hunger pains
I felt every single cry
That ever had been uttered
In the kingdom of damned
In the words the evil muttered
Because hell may be real
Or mental illness true
But all of it happens
In the space of You
The primordial of being
The supreme of I
The magnificence
That can never die
And we teetered on an edge
We teetered on a hole
I fought tooth and nail
For every single soul
For every single one
For every single breath
There is not a single one
That I would forget
And when the war is finished
When the war is done
We will have to look
At what we have become
At what we let happen
To grow and to pollute
But your time is up
So be the Resolute

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