Death and All His Friends

The air in my lungs was Viva la Vida
And we high fived into Receda
But when we looked young, we really were old
And I read a story that you’d been told
About an age of darkness to come
And a humanity to succumb
I read the lines you painted me
About the people and the free
About the hunger and the war
The famine and what its for
And though I nodded my bones shook
There was more than that it took
To be a new kind of suicide bomber
Blow up the cities that won’t stand any longer
To blow up the guns and the ammunition
To stand firm in our position
And in the ardent trust of our love
We channeled the higher from above
To rebirth a new age
To rewrite the same old page
To be strong and be unique
I already know, you don’t need to speak

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