Ground Zero

I remember being eleven years old and seeing the towers fall
And to me it was as nuclear as day that karma would come to call
Because when you anger a beast and when you poke its sides
You better watch yourself or its wrath will come alive
And the hunger of a forest that was eating itself
Became a dynamite to hurt someone else
And I watched as it ensued, I watched it all unfold
I watched and I wondered if there would be a growing old
For the winds of change they blew
And somehow inside I knew
That the hand of death
Lay somewhere within that regret
So to a secret plan that we hatched together
To circumvent the narrative of the bad weather
I flew to New York City and there I meditate
I sat at the foot of the hill in another state
And there it was all sacred, there it was all peace
There was all the love for the ones who did decease
And hampering the honour, learning from the gun
I felt inside a darkness that was another one
I felt inside a rage of repressed humanity
And I asked that it be held and expressed inside of me
Immediately the ocean dragged me so far below
I lost the rhythm of my heart and the knowing where to go
For in becoming an anchor of an errant tide
It was a struggle to bear weight so that we could survive
But now the sky has cleared, do you feel it in the air
I’m cautious but I know something is hanging there
In a soft moment, the dawn of a new age
I always said I was a writer so let this be the page
And I will write a new story about love and circumstance
Let the Devil and his Equal learn the people’s dance

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