The 144 have feelings too
We’re not just here for you
And we have to trudge the beat
There are callouses on our feet
Coz when holding the divine
In a world made of time
You burn with the wrath of hell
The fervor I couldn’t tell
For all the love I kept inside
I was afraid to hide
The truth from those other eyes
So I just abide
And hope that they do not see
The glory at the heart of me
For in the longing and the break
Is the ochre that they take
Is the fire that they storm
My feelings for you were not warm
Nor were they cold but balancing
A state beyond the malacing
Because you can call love a feeling
But that’s not the Love with which we’re dealing
The unconditional can hurt
When you stand for what its worth
Against a 3D world
In which you are never heard
So now the calamitous to decay
Now the wilderness go away
And where are we? Two broken bones?
Two skeletons made of alones
Or a one and one to always be
Eleven and a mystery