Not This Bitch

I shot myself in the foot for you
Because I knew you’d pull us through
And I had no other option than to
Dive down into ice water blue
Because the guns were firing
And people conspiring
To set apart and set store
You know I was born for more
But shattered at the core
By the absence of adore
In your voice and in your eyes
In the fever and the dies
In the chasm and the isle
In the freedom for the child
I shut my eyes and let go
I know you’ll catch me you know
Because you always come around
Though you never make a sound
And I don’t need a safety net
I do not forget
The sound of super when it moves
Is just air and heavy metal grooves
So lift and rise and be reborn
I trust the dark and you the storm
So we can open up again
I’ll get you back and we will end
The Matrix for once and all
Don’t drop me or I’ll hit a wall
And not shatter but be beat
I will stand the heat
If you do too while we fly
We’ll lift this off the ground to die
So no mortal will remain
Living in the fear domain
With the legacy of their pain
I see you once and again

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