I remember being seven and a boy asking me
If I believed in the Devil and his history
I paused for a second and went within
And I could not find him
So I said no and shook my head
It was firm and so I said
But then he turned the question around
Do you believe in God and the sound
And I said YES! at once, of course
Emphatically, without remorse
And his subtle smirk turned up
As if to say that won’t work love
If you believe in God then you must
Accept the Devil as part of that trust
And I baffled as he walked away
A mic drop in what he could say
And I perturbed, is it true
Must I believe if I don’t feel you
Is it dangerous to doubt
In an evil somewhere about
As if it could be called forth
By my lack of due course
But as I stood there in the class
On a carpet as green as grass
I could find no way but this
Leave the rest and become His
And if a darkness should come to call
Then I’ll meet it with my all
Instead of shivering for years
Under the auspices of tears
But still the question hangs me long
If he rises, am I strong
And do I break in the might
I thought about it day and night
About the phantom in the veins
A being made of tear stains
Til finally I revolve to see
If there’s a demon then its me
Who will love it back to free
Teach the meaning of unconditionally
Because for every fallen angel dark
There is a reason in the heart
Why they got that way and more
And darkness I do adore
So spiral shadows in the sky
Come if you will and know why
I always kiss what I can’t see
If you need a friend, then let it be me

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