Its Mission Difficult, not impossible
I look and the glass is full
Not half empty or the other
Its just me and my brother
Hitting the diff each time
Spilling light from the sublime
And when I looked the other way
He hits me back so that I stay
On target and on mission cue
I couldn’t do this without you
And you couldn’t stand without me
Before the end we will be free
To break the locks and the back
Of the outlandish in the black
And when they come for us again
I will be ready friend
To set fire and abort
This much is of import
That we are neither friend nor foe
But one for all and let go
Of the grasp and the cling
I fall but give him everything
To be picked up again and rise
The faithful darkness in his eyes
Don’t shut the door on me just yet
You signed up too, don’t forget

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