Lets figure out the real world later, is what I said to him
Because in the real world love can never win
Only be held inside as a heartbeat in a chest
I think that I left you so our love could be the best
Not so we could deceive and snark off each other
So you could be the sister and I could be the brother
So we could anew again be remade
And even though the darkness threatens in its shade
I have seen a light that burns the whole world clean
And my only flaw was trusting in the dream
Instead of the reality that I know is true
We may have fucked it up but I still believe in you
And I still believe in us whatever that may be
He said you really are a little bit crazy
But winking in his eyes, I know that I’m not wrong
The longing may be leaving but it left us strong
And though I may be foolish and hang on every word
Everything you say is the best I’ve ever head
Because it fills me with delight and how could that be false
You do you forever and unlock the vaults
And I will keep on spinning endlessly like a top
One thing I know for certain is nothing has to stop
But be a continuation of relating as we are
You didn’t lose me babe when you broke my heart
And though it may be stupid and reckless masochist
It doesn’t matter anyway coz I cannot resist
Kissing every sunbeam that falls from the sky
I love you anyway and nothing has to die

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