How would you feel if I lost you too?
Do you even know what it means to be blue?
Have you ever looked into eyes that don’t see?
Have you ever envisioned a world without me?
Because its all I can think of every day
The moment when it all goes away
And the you I know and the you I’ve loved
Is there no longer in the above
And the hunger I want, the hunger I need
Is the need to know why you bleed
So I can fix it so I can keep
You throughout the eternal sleep
But it all revolves, it all comes to pass
When I see nothing can last
Not even you, not even us
Not even the brilliance of our trust
In the fade we own, in the fade we care
Is a life where you aren’t there
And no heaven could ever claim the name
If you’re an atheist then I’ll be the same