Lexi Gray is Doomsday

Telling me to be realistic is like telling a cat to bark
It’ll never happen and you’re missing the mark
I’m seeing things that aren’t there
Not fantasising in your stare
Not making up what I want to be
But reading letters that I see
Reading the constellations
And tracing lines in appellations
Connections that I swear are true
Mapping the heart of you
So when it all falls to pieces
And the superfluity deceases
I still believe in something more
Because my dreams I do adore
And the people talk their talk
But I’m the only one to walk
What I say because I mean
I make good on each moonbeam
Never passing any pierce
Without the dagger to be fierce
So tell me not to be myself
And I’ll only seem like someone else
Coz an actress only wears a skin
And inside I still love him
No matter what the crowds may hunger
And though I delete your number
I still call you in my mind
This is for all you don’t leave behind

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