All’s fair in love and war
I could never read that phrase
But love isn’t war
Love is the thing to save
Then why does it hurt
So very fucking bad
When you look into eyes
That aren’t even sad
And see the blank stare
The emptiness of sight
A soul that didn’t hunger
The way you did alright
And everyone is different
And everyone’s unique
But why did I hunger
And you don’t even speak
Except to refute
The everything you are
I don’t know how I erred
To believe you had a heart
Or maybe it was just
I believed that heart was mine
But your love is freedom
And I am the divine
To rest upon a hand
To hold up a head
To swim in the darkness
And my skin to shed
Because love is transformation
When even the pain
Flowers grow better
Underneath the rain
Underneath the cloud
Blanketing the warm
So I mourn your loss
But I don’t regret the storm
And if you ever want to come back
As a friend or foe or ally
You’ll still find me kicking
Cans along the galley
On the ship that we once owned
On a deck to list
On a boat I love
That does not exist
Sailing in a sea
Of solitary confine
I lashed out at you
But the blame is mine
For trusting in something
I knew when we met
You would do this to me
But I just didn’t care
Because the sweet excite
Was more than I had known
And your eyes are hematite
That pull me into longing
That pull me to surrender
And now that I’m staring
I don’t even remember
The rules that say I should
Care about my own life
All I can see is heaven
Shining in your eyes
And I wonder does it still
Somewhere far away
When you look in the mirror
Or someone else that way
And I wish you all the sunshine
That could befall a rose
I took the road less travelled by
Because it was the one you chose

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