Absence Profound

Believing you’re there in the absence profound
Is like hearing pins drop when they don’t make a sound
Is like waiting for trains to pull into a station
That was all false hope and expectation
And you crucify me for my idealism
But I didn’t see that there was a schism
Between what you say and what you mean
I only speak truth when I’m chasing a dream
And when I’m honest and when I’m real
I expect that others respect how I feel
Not to be taken for a liar too
Just because there’s a liar in you
So when the chips fall on the floor
The blame won’t rest on me any more
But responsible only for being the Queen
And if you don’t like it then you can scream
Your cries into the abyss
I told you I loved you so you could miss
What you never really had
A girl you couldn’t make feel bad

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